Creature Features Classic

Creature Features Classic

Classic Creature Features videos from previous incarnations of the show. Featuring original host, Bob Wilkins.

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Creature Features Classic
  • Creature Features 9-27-1975

    Creature Features 09/27/75 3 hours & 19 minutes
    Movies :Phantom of the Opera (1962) & The Black Sleep (1956)
    Guests: George Takei
    With original 1975 television ads

  • Creature Features 2-14-1976

    Title: Creature Features - February 14, 1976

    Duration: 3 hours and 5 minutes

    Featured Movies:

    "Man with the X-Ray Eyes" (1963):
    The episode begins with a screening of the 1963 film "Man with the X-Ray Eyes," offering viewers a journey into the realm of science fiction and suspense. Explore the...

  • Creature Features 10-22-1977

    Title: Creature Features - October 22, 1977

    Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes

    Featured Movie:

    "Tarantula" (1955):
    The episode kicks off with a screening of the 1955 classic "Tarantula," immersing viewers in the suspenseful world of giant creature cinema. This vintage sci-fi thriller promises to ...

  • Creature Features 7-14-1973

    Title: Creature Features Double Bill - July 14, 1973

    Duration: 2 hours and 45 minutes

    Featured Movies:

    "Creature Walks Among Us" (1956):
    The episode opens with a screening of the 1956 film "Creature Walks Among Us." Viewers are taken on a journey into classic creature feature territory, explor...

  • Creature Features 4-8-1978

    Title: Creature Features Episode - April 8, 1978

    Duration: 2 hours and 4 minutes

    Featured Movie: "Enter the Devil" (1972)


    The April 8, 1978, episode of Creature Features delivered a compelling cinematic experience with a screening of the 1972 film "Enter the Devil." The two-hour ...

  • Creature Features 1-17-1976

    Enjoy a vintage episode of Bob Wilkins' original Creature Features program with a double feature, appearing as it aired in January 1976, minus the commercials. This episode features two classic films: "Target Earth" (1954) and "Werewolf of London" (1935), sure to delight fans of sci-fi and horror...

  • Captain Cosmic Show - Final Episode

    The last episode of Bob Wilkins' Captain Cosmic Show. Featuring Captain Scarlett.

  • The Star Trek Dream

    "The Star Trek Dream" is a historic documentary released in 1975, which holds the distinction of being the first-ever documentary created about the iconic science fiction television series, "Star Trek." This groundbreaking film was not only created and hosted by the esteemed Bob Wilkins, known fo...

  • "Up Late with Bob Wilkins" Theatrical Release

    The theatrical version of “Up Late with Bob Wilkins”, a documentary about Creature Features original incarnation. Created by the current Creature Features director, Tom Wyrsch, you’ll see many familiar faces in this historical look back at one of the most iconic horror-hosts ever.

    About the prog...

  • Watch Horror Films, Keep America Strong!

    Watch Horror Films, Keep America Strong! is a 2008 documentary about the popular television series Creature Features televised out of Oakland, California from 1971 to 1984.

    Produced by independent filmmakers Tom Wyrsch and Robert Napton, the film features interviews with Creature Feature hosts B...