Galaxy Theater

Galaxy Theater

2 Seasons

The very best in fiercely unique independent sci-fi short films brought together in this fan-favorite anthology series.

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Galaxy Theater
  • Galaxy Theater 38

    Episode 38

    "Resignation" by Michael Ozmun
    "ASPIRATION" by Martin Drescher
    "The Replicant" by David Walton Smith
    "Wrest" by Ben Strickland

  • Galaxy Theater 37

    Episode 37

    "The Sphere" by Aaron Vasquez
    "The Deaths of Jamie Smith" by Sam House
    "2011: A Space Adventure" by Simon Mesnard
    "State Zero" by Andree Wallin

  • Galaxy Theater 36

    Episode 36

    "Swimming Into Darkness" by Michael Forrest
    "The Jump" by Invenire Films
    "The iMom" by Ariel Martin
    "Shhh" by Freddy Chavez Olmos
    "Uncanny Valley" by 3DAR

  • Galaxy Theater 35

    Episode 35

    "Emancipator - Ocelot" by 20x20
    "Vantar" by Rebecca Culverhouse
    "The Looking Planet" by Eric Law Anderson
    "Spectrum Shift" by Shaven Ape
    "Breathe" by Toby Meakins

  • Galaxy Theater 34

    Episode 34

    "Cinema Space Tribute" by Max Shishkin
    "Beyond What We See" by Dominic John
    "Lost in Transmission" by Jasyn Howes
    "Falling Apart" by Bullion Productions
    "Connected" by Luke Gilford

  • Galaxy Theater 33

    Episode 33

    "Post-Human" by Post-Human Media
    "Chatter" by Leo Resnes
    "I Remember A Lot of Octobers" by Keane Dasalla
    "CIRCLE IN THE ROCK" by Ellis Bahl
    "Arrowhead-Signal" by Jesse O'Brien

  • Galaxy Theater 32

    Episode 32

    "Wire Cutters" by Jack Anderson
    "SINGULARITY" by The Bicycle Monarchy
    "Ayamé" by Conor Maloney
    "HIBERNATION" by Jon Mikel Caballero

  • Galaxy Theater 31

    Episode 31

    "Fathoms" by Joe Russ
    "Inner Space Artifacts" by Ben Ridgway
    "Attic Panic" by David F. Sandberg
    "Tonight I Strike" by Dan Gaud

  • Galaxy Theater 30

    Episode 30

    "Pollen" by Chris Hardman
    "ZERO-DAY" by Beeple
    "In The Pines" by Shep Films
    "My Imaginary Life" by Stella Macdonald
    "HARVEST" by Kit McDee

  • Galaxy Theater 29

    Episode 29

    "ANAMNESIA" by StrangeLoop
    "Masque" by Shashank Dhongde
    "I Need Some Space" by BlueDogFilms
    "The Red Witch" by Aron Bothman
    "Azarkant" by Andrey Klimov

  • Galaxy Theater 28

    Episode 28

    "NO-A " by Liam Murphy
    "The Helmet" by Jen Bamford
    "THE SHIFT" by Francesco Calabrese
    "Phoenix 9" by Double Vision Films

  • Galaxy Theater 27

    Episode 27

  • Galaxy Theater 26

    Episode 26

  • Galaxy Theater 25

    Episode 25

  • Galaxy Theater 24

    Episode 24

  • Galaxy Theater 23

    Episode 23

  • Galaxy Theater 22

    Episode 22

  • Galaxy Theater 21

    Episode 21

  • Galaxy Theater 20

    Episode 20

  • Galaxy Theater 19

    Episode 19

    "The Sounds of Star Wars" by Rishi Kaneria
    "Terran Trade Authority" by Adrian Mann
    "The Rise & Fall of Globosome" by Sascha Geddert
    "Eldest Child" by Stephen J. Taylor
    "Defining Fay" by Sasha C. Damjanovski

  • Galaxy Theater 18

    Episode 18

    "Granularity" by Red Hoot
    "A Need For Blood" by Nick McCallum
    "Inheritance" by Cliff Schonewill
    "The Port" by Matt Harris-Freeth
    "Cut Off" by Intellectual Propaganda
    "Idiot Box" by Lee Citron
    "Incineration" by Ben Nissen

  • Galaxy Theater 17

    Episode 17

    "Silent Phantom" by Matt Harris-Freeth
    "Nova" by Andreas Wannerstedt
    "Yuri" by Nils Hedinger
    "Boy Meets Girl" by Rick Barcode
    "Arlo" by Vintage:Nine Studios
    "Atropa" by Eli Sasich

  • Galaxy Theater 16

    Episode 16

    Season 2 Premiere Episode

    "Kosmonauta" by Mirjam Veske
    "The Storm" by Andre LeBlanc
    "Consumed" by Andreas Wannerstedt
    "Urban Isolation" by Russell Houghten
    "ARI" by Arthur Choupin