Galaxy Theater

Galaxy Theater

2 Seasons

The very best in fiercely unique independent sci-fi short films brought together in this fan-favorite anthology series.

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Galaxy Theater
  • Galaxy Theater 15

    Episode 15

    "River Island" by Dvein
    "Kometh" by Erik Ferguson
    "Hollow" by Fabio D'Orta
    "Source" by A.T.
    "Elephants Dream" by Orange Open Movie Project
    "Immersion" by Raphael Rogers

  • Galaxy Theater 14

    Episode 14

    "Lost Memories" by Francois Ferracci
    "The Device" by Conrad Lihilihi
    "Legacy" by Greg Jonkajtys
    "The Bond" by Jamie Childs
    "Away" by Zach Zombek
    "Turn Around When Possible" by MB Films

  • Galaxy Theater 13

    Episode 13

    "Equateur - "The Lava"" by Kadavre Exquis
    "Primordial" by Peter Clark
    "A Velvet Blue Morning's Cycle" by Mohit Sebastian
    "Eye of The Storm" by Soapbox Films
    "How To Make A Nightmare" by Noah Aust
    "In The Tall Grass" by Alexii Muftoll
    "Equateur - "Cheval Noir"" by Kadavre Exquis
    "Into Dusk" by Jas...

  • Galaxy Theater 12

    Episode 12

    "Bildungsroman" by Gerardo del Hierro
    "Chameleon" by Sam Lemberg
    "Return" by Nikita Ovsyannikov
    "Stop" by Mikel Wisler
    "Souvenir" by Apparatus G Studio
    "The Charm of 2001" by Jim Casey
    "1945A" by Ryan Nagata

  • Galaxy Theater 11

    Episode 11

    "Caravan" by Karen Farmer
    "Girl And Robot" by The Animation Workshop
    "Roswell's Secret" by Kyle Anderson
    "Grave Shivers" by Brent Sims

  • Galaxy Theater 10

    Episode 10

    "Marooned" by CrankLeft
    "Smoke" by Kendy Ty
    "9 Minutes" by P.J. Wolff

  • Galaxy Theater 9

    Episode 9

    "The Escape" by FableMakers
    "Project Mick" by Sandy Widyanata
    "Awfully Deep" by Daniel Florêncio
    "Occupation" by Eric Schockmel
    "88:88" by Joey Ciccoline & Sean Wilson

  • Galaxy Theater 8

    Episode 8

    "Fortress" by Dima Fedotof
    "Sominus" by Denver Jackson
    "Space Bruce" by Mehdi Louala
    "Life" by Pixelhunters

  • Galaxy Theater 7

    Episode 7

    "Louder Please" by Lena Tsodykovskaya
    "The Sierra Project" by Gabriel de Urioste
    "Abiogenesis" by Richard Mans
    "The Package" by Oliver Waghorn
    "Legacy" by Mike Doto

  • Galaxy Theater 6

    Episode 6

    "The Rising" by Sebastian Mattukat
    "Space Cat Hob" by Loic Bramoulle
    "Monster" by Deerbear Films
    "Gloam" by David Elwell & Gareth Hughes
    "Dubstep Dispute" by Fluxel Media
    "Sight" by Robot Genius Films

  • Galaxy Theater 5

    Episode 5

    "R´ha" by Kaleb Lechowski
    "Stardust" by PostPanic
    "The Fields" by Joyrider Films
    "Frankie Rulez!!!" by San Charoenchai
    "Grounded" by Kevin Margo

  • Galaxy Theater 4

    Episode 4

    "The Gate" by Matt Westrup
    "Robbie" by Neil Harvey
    "Shutdown" by Kendy Ty
    "Marooned" by Martin Melnick
    "Tears of Steel" by Blender Foundation

  • Galaxy Theater 3

    Episode 3

    "Dysco" by Simon Russell
    "Kernel" by Olly Skillman-Wilson
    "Frankie" by Mike Pappa
    "Telescope" by Observatory Productions

  • Galaxy Theater 2

    Episode 2

    "OVO" by WeWereMonkeys
    "Beyond" by Raphael Rogers
    "Auroras" by Niles Heckman
    "The Record Keeper" by Dave Bundtzen
    "Johnny Express" by Alfred Image Works

  • Galaxy Theater 1

    Episode 1

    "Scifi Since 1902" by Iban Corominas
    "True Skin" by N1ON Productions
    "Blinky" by Ruairi Robinson
    "Golem" by Patrick McCue & Tobias Wiesner
    "Voice Over" by Kamel Films