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CF: Fire! (1977)

New Releases • 2h 15m

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    "The Comedy of Terrors," a 1963 black comedy film directed by Jacques Tourneur, stars a talented ensemble cast. Vincent Price takes on the role of Waldo Trumbull, a greedy and unscrupulous undertaker who stops at nothing to make money. He is joined by Peter Lorre as Felix Gillie, his bumbling and...

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    A has-been rock star hosts horror films in his haunted mansion. The gang watch “Trilogy of Terror” from 1975.

    Episode 07-349 Air Date: 08–26-2023

    "Trilogy of Terror" is a classic horror anthology film from 1975 directed by Dan Curtis. The movie consists of three separate but equally terrify...

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    "13 Ghosts" is a 1960 horror film directed by William Castle. The movie revolves around a family who inherits an eerie mansion from a deceased uncle. Little do they know, the mansion is inhabited by the restless spirits of 12 ghosts, each with their own unique and terrifying characteristics. To c...