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The Postman (1997)

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  • CF: The House on Skull Mountain (1974)

    A has-been rock star hosts horror films in his haunted mansion. The gang watch “The House on Skull Mountain” from 1974.

    Episode 08-387 Air Date: 05-11-2024

    A suspenseful tale from 1974, "The House on Skull Mountain" takes viewers into the eerie depths of a haunted mansion. Following the death o...

  • CFF: Metamorphosis (1990)

    Join Vincent and Tangella as they watch “Metamorphosis" from 1990 with Gene LeBrock and Catherine Baranov.

    "Metamorphosis" (1990) is an eerie delve into the perils of unchecked scientific experimentation. Directed by George Eastman, the film chronicles Dr. Peter Houseman, a dedicated geneticist ...

  • Them! (1954)

    "Them!" (1954) unfolds as a chilling science fiction tale where the unintended consequences of nuclear testing come to life. Set against the stark backdrop of the New Mexico desert, the film follows law enforcement officers and scientists as they uncover a nest of gigantic, irradiated ants that p...