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Burn Witch Burn (1962)

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  • CF: Mr. Sardonicus (1961)

    A has-been rock star hosts horror films in his haunted mansion. Guest: Killer Clown actor Harrod Blank. Movie: “Mr. Sardonicus” from 1961.

    Episode 07-352 Air Date: 09–16-2023

    In the 1961 psychological horror film "Mr. Sardonicus," directed by William Castle, Guy Rolfe takes on the role of B...

  • CFF: Children of The Corn (1984)

    Join Vincent and Tangella as they watch “Children of The Corn” from 1984 starring Linda Hamilton and Peter Horton.

    Movie info:
    "Children of the Corn" (1984) is a classic horror film directed by Fritz Kiersch, based on a short story by Stephen King. The movie is set in the rural town of Gatlin, N...

  • The Skull (1965)

    "The Skull" is a British horror film released in 1965, directed by Freddie Francis. Based on a story by Robert Bloch, the movie revolves around the sinister and cursed history of an ancient human skull that holds a malevolent power. When an antique dealer, Christopher Maitland, acquires the skull...